Navdeep Singh Lathar: Consultant’s Roadmap to INSEAD

The story of how Navdeep with a 740 in GMAT, stood out from the general pool of engineer candidates with consulting experience.

Navdeep Singh Lathar from the get go projected the ambition and consistency his credentials indicated. So, with the right ingredients, the recipe for success should have made him in a shop to his top choice of schools, right? Wrong. Remember how in every cookbook, there are measurements provided because if you don’t balance out the proportions- the entire dish can go haywire. Similarly, each year top tier schools receive candidates such as these with displayed remarkable accolades and yet not each of them make it through. Why is that?

Just as we told you, with no dearth of impressive candidates- colleges today are no longer simply seeking the best. In an increasingly globalized world, they’re seeking individuals who are change makers, who will stimulate change not just within their own communities but at a more interconnected level. This X factor can vary depending on each student but for Navdeep, we identified that it was his international experience that made him stand out. His experiences qualified and emphasized his adaptability to thrive in multicultural environments. It was this kind of sensitivity that we believed could endorse his candidature more effectively. Besides this, we took deliberate measures to curate an impactful motivational storyline that truly showed his multifaceted identity. We also encouraged him to identify schools most aligned with his goals and pace his efforts accordingly.

Gaining admissions to ISB and INSEAD, Navdeep was heartened to note that both institutions would equip him with the resources and network to fulfill his aspirations of working in management consulting. What does Navdeep’s story highlight? It is we need to develop our unique brands that speak for the goals we have and not simply be lost in the herd.

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