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Sachindra Sahu
Harvard Kennedy School
Columbia SIPA
With EdLighten’s invaluable support, I successfully secured MPP offers at Harvard, Columbia and UChicago - all with scholarships. Their assistance was especially crucial in presenting my diverse background - engineering to liberal arts to policy. Highly recommend their services to anyone aspiring for MPA/MPP courses
Bhaswar Faisal Khan
Harvard GSE
I got into Harvard, Vanderbilt, and Hertie School of Governance for MS in Education, thanks to EdLighten’s exceptional guidance. Their expertise in crafting compelling applications and understanding my passion for education made the difference. Highly recommended for anyone seeking academic success!
Rasleen Grover
Hertie (Governance)
Columbia SIPA
American University
EdLighten’s application support helped me achieve my dream of getting accepted into Hertie School of Governance for MA in Public Policy with a 40% scholarship. Their expert guidance made my passion for public policy a reality, and they helped me every step of the way in crafting a compelling application. I highly recommend their services!
Shaurya Bansal
Coming to EdLighten led me to being accepted into Oxford University and London School of Economics for top economics programs. Their expert guidance kept me on track, addressing all my doubts and inquiries. I felt confident and assured throughout the process. Couldn’t recommend them enough!
Yasmeen Sarwar
Graduate Institute Geneva
EdLighten was a breath of fresh air! Their patience, prompt responses, and keen awareness of the application process helped me so much. With their mentorship, I got accepted into top schools, including Geneva Graduate Institute, for MA in Development Studies. Highly recommended!
Maitreiyee Krishna
Oxford University
Harvard University
UT Austin
With EdLighten’s invaluable insights and support, my passion for Education Policy led me to secure acceptances into Oxford University and other top universities for a PhD. Despite my initial apprehensions and confusion around proposal ideas, EdLighten guided me every step of the way. Their expertise made my academic dreams come true.
Aanchal Manuja
Fletcher School of Policy
With EdLighten’s exceptional guidance and unwavering support, I secured coveted spots at Fletcher School of Policy and the likes for my MA in International Relations. EdLighten truly understood my aspirations and helped me showcase my passion for international relations. Their insights and personalised assistance was everything!
Shreya Singh
University of Edinburgh
New York University
In my pursuit of an MA in Psychology, EdLighten was an invaluable ally. With their insightful advice, I crafted authentic and compelling applications that truly reflected my aspirations. They believed in my potential and played a pivotal role in ensuring that my acceptances came through.
Shubhankar Gautam
IDS Sussex
Guided by my passion for public policy, I secured acceptances at Hertie School of Governance and Institute of Development Studies for my MA. EdLighten’s exceptional services and insightful guidance were instrumental in shaping my applications. Highly recommended for anyone with a genuine passion for public policy!


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Yale (SOM)
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NUS Business School
HEC Paris
Indian School of Business (ISB)
Schulich School of Business
Cornell University
U. California, San Diego (UCSD)
Cornell University
Columbia University
Northwestern University
Carnegie Mellon University (CMU)
Columbia University
Purdue, Rotman, LBS, UT Austin
Arizona State University (ASU)
NUS School of Business, Warwick
London Business School
Warwick University
University College London (UCL)
Purdue, Duke, UT Austin
Harvard Kennedy School (HKS)
New York University (NYU)
Oxford University, UT Austin, UIUC
U Chicago (Harris School of Policy)
London School of Economics
New York University (NYU)
U. Chicago (Harris School of Policy)
Harvard University, UPenn, Vanderbilt

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