From Stuck to Success: Lakshay Piplani's Journey to Chicago Booth school of Business:

Meet Lakshay Piplani, a young professional with a strong desire to make a difference in the Indian startup ecosystem. Despite facing challenges in his academic history and feeling unfulfilled in his consulting career, Lakshay had a burning ambition to transition into venture capital. In his pursuit of admission to top MBA programs, Lakshay found support and guidance from an esteemed education consulting organisation. Let's delve into Lakshay's inspiring journey and explore how we added value to his application process, helping him secure admissions into esteemed institutions such as Chicago Booth, UCLA Anderson, and UT McCombs.

Defying the Odds:

Lakshay's academic journey was not without hurdles. With a low undergraduate academic score, he faced the daunting task of proving his potential to top-tier MBA programs. We recognized his potential and advised him to retake the GMAT, resulting in an outstanding score of 770. This remarkable achievement provided Lakshay with a solid foundation for his MBA applications.

Tailored Guidance and Expertise:

Our personalised approach played a pivotal role in Lakshay's success. By deeply understanding Lakshay's personal, academic, and professional experiences, we helped him craft a compelling narrative that showcased his motivations and aspirations. Through a meticulous application strategy, Lakshay's unique story stood out among the pool of highly qualified candidates. Lakshay's journey was not devoid of challenges. Our expertise and experience enabled us to address various obstacles such as low scores, low GMAT, and limited work experience. Through meticulous planning and strategic positioning, we helped Lakshay present his achievements, skills, and potential in a way that overcame these constraints, turning them into valuable assets.

Navigating Waitlists and Maximising Opportunities:

Despite securing waitlist positions at UCLA Anderson, and UT McCombs, Lakshay was waitlisted at Booth but remained determined to join his top-choice program. We guided Lakshay in networking extensively and identifying an opportunity in a leading venture capital firm that he could join. With our support, Lakshay prepared a comprehensive waitlist update, demonstrating his commitment and aligning his profile with the school's values. This proactive approach ultimately led to Lakshay's acceptance into his dream school, Chicago Booth.

Scholarships and Rewards:

Lakshay's exceptional achievements were recognized by the admissions committees, resulting in scholarship offers from Booth School of Business, UCLA Anderson, and McCombs School of Business. The financial support of $80,000 from Booth and UCLA Anderson, along with a 30% scholarship from McCombs, not only validated Lakshay's capabilities but also reduced the financial burden associated with pursuing his MBA.

Lakshay Piplani's journey from feeling stuck and unfulfilled to securing admissions into prestigious MBA programs is a testament to his resilience, determination, and our guidance. By leveraging Lakshay's strengths, addressing his weaknesses, and emphasizing his unique story, we enabled him to stand out among a competitive pool of applicants. Through our personalized approach, Lakshay not only achieved his dream of switching to venture capital but also discovered a path that aligned with his values and passions. Our commitment to extracting the correct stories, adding value to the application process, and overcoming challenges led to Lakshay's remarkable success, opening doors to a promising future in the world of business.

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