Essay Writing Tips for your INSEAD Application

After months of preparing students for their MBA abroad, we have witnessed that a challenging element of an MBA application is writing essays. However, they are an essential part of the admissions process since they allow you to showcase your accomplishments and goals while also giving the admissions committee critical insight into how well you would fit in with the school. This is how you stand out.

As a result, we thought you could benefit from some advice from our team of education enthusiasts on how to write effective essays to help you through this crucial process when applying to INSEAD. Here it goes!

Take inspiration but maintain the authenticity.

We urge you to avoid using clichés and instead produce unique material. Don’t start with the mainstream quote. Don’t begin with a song lyric.

In other words, be sincere and consider what exceptional experience you can bring to INSEAD’s program since they want to get to know the actual you.

Avoid writing what you believe the admissions committee wants to read, and instead trust your gut. For example, you can incorporate details from your personal life that can highlight your interests, goals, or successes. The best writings consistently achieve a mix between intimate details and objective information.

You can try to recall incidents and tales from your youth, high school, or university education. It would help to ensure that anecdotes from your personal and professional life reveal something about you and relate to the questions.

Bring out the Grammar Nazi in you!

Even though they may seem like little things, your command of a language and your use of syntax reveal a lot about you.

It is critical to maintain focus, prepare effectively, and allot enough time to write, revise, and edit your essays to prevent the image you’re trying to convey from being tainted by errors, confused words, technical jargon, and acronyms. Additionally, it’s always a bonus if your essays are to the point and within the word limit!

The application essays might take up to 8–10 weeks to prepare, and it is typical to need to rewrite them multiple times until you are satisfied with the outcome. Here at EdLighten, we ensure that your drafts are thoroughly revised until we have the perfect one!

Elaborate on your work experience.

Though it could take some time, this step is essential.

Your professional duties and expertise are among the most valuable assets you will bring to the classroom. Therefore, INSEAD needs to be able to comprehend them. It is insufficient to say, “I handle management projects” as an example. You have to give particular and precise instances to illustrate the nature of your work.

If you work for a family firm or a small- to medium-sized enterprise, it’s crucial to describe your organization’s structure, market, and product.

It’s common to emphasize your strengths while discussing your experience but also draw attention to your areas for growth.

Finally, if you have an employment gap or a prolonged period of unemployment, don’t dismiss it. Address it and explain it.

Ready to get started on your dream school application? That’s just what we’re here for!

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